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Create A Link

Create A Link is a work in progress, that shortens long web addresses into ones more easily rememberable and easy to use via sharing. It contains a built in account management system, link preview, among other features.

**NOTE: If you create an account, it may be deleted when update works are conducted. Keep this in mind.

Active Jan 2019

Now in Version 5.1, this site you're visiting is my primary and one of the most frequently updating projects I currently am working on. My website was built on a Laravel base with Bootstrap as the main web framework used for the front-end. In terms of back-end, it uses PHP along with jQuery and common web languages such as HTML/CSS.

Active Dec 2018

Code Breaker

Code Breaker was a short and brief university assessment task, demonstrating how a colourful and web-based interactive activity can assist with engagement and learning in the topic of Junior algorithms. This was developed in mid-2017 and receives no further updates.

Archived May 2017

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