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Date of Change Description of Change
08-07-2019 Resolved minor issue with automatic bot blacklisting system
07-07-2019 Fixed DNS issue relating to all hosted domain names inc. subdomains
07-07-2019 Removed caching of latest 5 music tracks played
06-07-2019 Latest 5 music now imports from API rather than directly
06-07-2019 Added automatic blacklisting system to stop bots from roaming
06-07-2019 Updated button to reflect change of twitter user handle
08-04-2019 Changed server of site, should be faster now.
08-04-2019 Changed site into separate subdomain "hi"
02-02-2019 Resolved error displaying on tools pages
26-01-2019 Added maintenance system for easy access restrictions during an update event
16-01-2019 Appending 15-01-2019 entry: Changed array reading from index to explicit "medium" reference to avoid shuffling errors
15-01-2019 Changed lastfm home image display in response to API changes (shuffling of image array values)
12-01-2019 Added quick access buttons to homepage
12-01-2019 Updated bootstrap to 4.2.1
12-01-2019 Removed new years countdown alert from homepage
24-12-2018 Updated font awesome libraries to 5.6.3
24-12-2018 The New Years countdown on the homepage has begun!
24-12-2018 Added dynamic year display in footer - will turn to 2019 automatically on 01/01/2019 00:00 (Melb time)
21-12-2018 Added blacklisting feature for me to easily get rid of bots - there are quite a few!
15-12-2018 Fixed timestamp error displaying seconds (integer) after 2 weeks
12-12-2018 Resolved missing function error on homepage load
11-12-2018 Adjusted account management backend
07-12-2018 Fixed emails not updating when changed.
07-12-2018 Uploaded and publicised v5.1 of
07-12-2018 Modified logic and look of the individual tools
07-12-2018 Applied HTML5 required validator to all input fields that need it.
07-12-2018 Finalised account management system - functionality test passed
06-12-2018 Commenced work on an account management system for
06-12-2018 Added custom titles in the header display - changes on each page load rather than generic.
06-12-2018 Removed hideous toast for Discord and replaced with a faded modal
06-12-2018 Modified homepage timestamp displays to show timestamps less than 60 mins as 1 Hour Ago rather than specific secs/mins.
06-12-2018 Added modal containing version information (publically accessible)
05-12-2018 Transformed changelog so that it shows changelog entries in database rather than manual editing of html page.
05-12-2018 Commenced work on v5.1 (transition to Bootstrap from Materialize framework)
03-12-2018 Created archives subdomain ( for storage of older versions.
03-12-2018 Added temporary splash screen to primary domain
03-12-2018 Disabled subdomain
03-12-2018 Archived v5.0 version of due to planned web framework change.
30-11-2018 Fixed issue related to timestamps on homepage: Showing 24 hours ago instead of 1 day ago - math calculation error.
29-11-2018 Fixed Youtube Homepage section displaying incorrect timestamp information
26-11-2018 Fixed issue with NMFC articles not showing correct Melb/AU timestamps.
20-11-2018 Fixed issue with Steam online status not displaying correctly when state changes to Away
12-11-2018 Added captcha spam protection to contact form to minimise spambot impact.
10-11-2018 Added measures to force SSL connection (https) via and all subdomains.
07-11-2018 Permanently removed old version (v4) from and system
07-11-2018 Redirected to
07-11-2018 Replaced v4 subdomain with a redirect to new site
07-11-2018 Uploaded new revision of
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