About Me

Here's a quick overview.

Bachelor of IT (BInfoTech)
  • 3 years full-time duration.
  • Achieved a distinction weighted average mark (WAM).
  • Major: generalist IT, Minor: Statistics.
  • Achieved four 90+ grades in programming.
  • Completed two post-graduate subjects in data during my final year.
  • Received an invitation to join Golden Key.
  • Participated in the new student mentoring program.
Master of Teaching (MTeach SecEdAcc)
  • 2 years full-time duration.
  • Achieved a distinction weighted average mark (WAM).
  • Specialised in Mathematics & Digital Technologies Secondary Education.
  • High Distinction (HD) grades in Numeracy and Applied Learning.
  • Completed four fifteen-day placements in two schools, zero absence days.
  • Registered and qualified to teach Years 7 to 12.
  • Completed degree in accelerated mode, 2 years of study in 1.5 years.
Work Experience
  • Previously a university tutor and lab demonstrator in Computer Science.
  • Current school teacher.
  • Experienced using data (e.g. Guttman charts), pre/post testing etc.
  • Strong rapport builder with students.
  • Experienced in team-teaching/flexible learning space use.
  • Development Area #1: Student Management/Pastoral Care (particularly MY).
  • Development Area #2: Operations - Daily Organiser/Timetabling.
Coding Hobby and Practice
  • Strong casual & hobby coder.
  • One example of my work is this site.
  • Started learning from Year 8 onwards.
  • Experienced in multiple languages (e.g. HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, C, SQL).
  • Strong emphasis on coding in my DT classes.
  • Experienced in block-based and text-based languages.
  • I believe coding is a "must have" skill in the future.
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